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Whatcha Teachin'?: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Bible, Character & Life Skills PLUS a GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Whew...I know, that's quite a title.  This post is going to be packed with info including how to get an AWESOME kid's Bible for FREE!!  I had the pleasure of reviewing this amazing book, "The Action Bible, God's Redemptive Story," and I get the even bigger pleasure of giving two copies away.  But first, let me tell ya what we're teachin'...
This category of our homeschool curriculum is actually 3-in-1, as you can see.  The reason for that is you really can't separate any one from the other.  At some point, Bible, character and life skills all overlap and it's easy to use one resource (like this awesome Action Bible I'm going to give away to two people...) to cover all three topics.

If you believe the Bible to be the inherent Word of God (and we do) then you see it for what it is which is the expanded and complete version of "Life's Little Instruction Book."  Far more than useful tips and thoughtful quips on life, the Bible literally tells you how to live a good life.  It's not all easy, but it's all in there, I promise.

Character (or values) deals with morals and ethics and in a nutshell is about teaching your child how to be a decent human being; it's who you are (or who they are, rather).  What better way for your child to be a good person than to study the only perfect human being who ever lived?  (not you...I'm talking about Jesus. ;))

Life skills are a crucial part of our homeschooling, especially because of autism.  There are many things we have to teach the boys that come naturally to other children, and I can neatly file these under the "life skills" category.  This is a great place to stick our goals - social and independence seeking, as well as developmental. 

So here's what's on our list...(it is a VERY ambitious list that I've accepted we may not complete this year...)

Bible/Character/Life Skills: 
Daily/Weekly Stuff
Morning prayer
Pledge of Allegiance
Starfall Calendar
Morning Chores
Schedule Board

The Action Bible
Bean Bucket 
Pop Funky Beads
Board Games

Memory Work (Family Verse, 10 Commandments, House Rules)
What’s in the Bible DVD series
A Little Book of Manners for Boys
Everyday Literacy Listening and Speaking
Pay Attention, Please!
The Social Skills Picture Book

Skills Building: *Most of this list came from developmental suggestions by age.  You can google it or find the complete lists on my pinterest page

Phone number (written)
Packing list – picture checklist
Ride a bike with training wheels
Picture sequencing
Birthdays (written)
First and last names (written)
Address (written)
Pick out own clothes (night before)
Tie shoes
Put clothes away in drawers
Swish & swipe
Call & answer phone
Laundry sorting
Call 911
Use words not hands to communicate (in general)
Listen without interrupting
Clean own room with a check list
Play catch
Make bed neatly

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!

The boys have well worn their three storybook Bibles and we felt they were ready to move on to a "real" Bible.  We tried one highly recommended but after a week my husband let me know that all of that great scripture was going right over the boys' heads.  We'll hang on to it for down the road but for now he asked in desperation, "Don't they make one that's like a comic book?"  How excited I was to say, "Yes!  They do!"
We started the Action Bible and it was a whole new experience.  The boys were engaged.  They asked questions.  They talk about the stories in detail like it was a cool movie they saw.  They are familiar with many of the classic "kid Bible stories"; David and Goliath, Joseph, Abraham, etc. but this Bible kicks it up a notch and adds a whole new layer of depth to the stories.  It is God-centered, not "hero"-centered (look what God did through this broken guy, not, look how great David was...), which we love.  It is also not for the faint of heart.

I was very impressed to see to see the story of Job included, as well some other details that usually get skimmed over in kids' Bibles (like the fairly graphic picture of the angel of death in the Passover story).  I say this not as a criticism, but as a head's up to parents who may not want their kids to have this much depth quite yet.  Pictures and stories like this raise questions from little ones so you'd better be prepared with an answer ;).

The illustrations are absolutely remarkable and it's no surprise considering the artist is a former Marvel and DC Comic illustrator.  This is the real deal, folks, and kids recognize it.  It is a cool Bible.
Don't worry if you are struggling to get your child engaged in Bible time; instead, keep shopping.  There's a reason there's so many kid's Bibles to choose from.  The truth inside is the same but the presentation is different.  You've just got to find one that speaks your child's language.

What's your favorite kid's Bible?

And now, enter to WIN!!!!!

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